Delaney, Joseph – THE SPOOK'S CURSE

THE SPOOK'S CURSE (Fantasy) – VG Delaney,
Joseph – 2nd in series
The Bodley Head, London, 2005- Hardcover

Thomas Ward is apprentice to Spook John Gregory and they're on their way to Priestown to battle "the Bane," the one creature Spook has never been able to defeat. But there's another enemy as well. The Quisitor is out to destroy all those he claims are involved in the dark arts, and that includes Spooks.

This series is not light fantasy or for the very young. Spook is no benevolent wizard, but a hard tutor and takes his job very seriously. But I so enjoy this series as it is well written with excellent characters. Thomas is young and still optimistic, whereas Spook has seen the worst and is inclined to err on the side of caution. I love that when Thomas doesn't know what to do, he goes back to his "mam." For the fantasy lovers out there, I do recommend this.

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