Tapply, William G. – NERVOUS WATER

NERVOUS WATER (Amateur Sleuth-New England-Cont) – VG Tapply, William G. – 21st in series
St. Martin's
Minotaur, 2005- Hardcover

Attorney Brady Coyne hasn't seen his elderly Uncle Moze in many years when he receives a call inviting him to visit him in Maine. The old lobsterman is dying of cancer and wants to reconcile with Brady's cousin, Cassandra, who Mose raised as his daughter. When Mose has a heart attack after being attacked, Brady becomes determined to find Cassie. But her husband isn't talking and her ex-husband is murdered.

I've only read one other in this series, so far, but really appreciate that each book stands on this own and I don't feel lost for not having read the previous books. Tapply's characters are real; human and fallible. Because Brady is not a criminal attorney, there are no courtroom scenes, which is refreshing. Instead, the characters drove the story and the focus was family and relationships. The plot was solid and definitely kept me turning the pages, his dialogue is spot-on. Although there were a couple loose threads, this was a very enjoyable read. I'm delighted there are 19 other books in the series awaiting me.

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