Spiegelman, Peter – DEATH'S LITTLE HELPERS

DEATH'S LITTLE HELPERS – (Private Investigator-NYC-Cont) – Ok Spiegelman, Peter – 2nd in series
Knopf, 2005- Hardcover

PI John Marsh has been hired to find Gregory Danes, the ex-husband of artist Nina Sachs. Gregory had been one of Wall Street's hottest analysts, but his reputation and career plummeted, he left his office saying he was taking a vacation, but now his alimony and child support checks have stopped and no one has heard from him.

Spiegelman's first book "Black Maps," was one I very much enjoyed. I wish I could say the same for this. It wasn't bad, but it seemed to plod along, without much happening, never being terribly involving or suspenseful. For me, part of the problem was that I never really cared about any of the characters except Jane, Marsh's girlfriend, who was the most interesting one of the group and received a bad deal in her relationship with Marsh. Maybe I'm tired of perpetually angst driven, commitment phobic protagonists. So while it wasn't terrible, it was definitely a disappointment. Read "Black Maps" and, if you do read this, wait for it in paperback.

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