PATHS NOT TAKEN (Fantasy-Nightside) – G+ Green, Simon R. – 5th in series
ACE Fantasy, 2005- Paperback

John Taylor is a private investigator in Nightside, a hidden part of London where it is always 3 a.m. and the residents are anything but ordinary. John has learned that his mother is Lilith, the first wife of Adam. He, Suzie Shooter and Tommy Oblivion travel back in time to learn how his mother created Nightside and find a way to stop her from destroying it.

This series that must be read in order and is not for the faint of stomach. It is for those who enjoy action and fantasy. Personally, I'll admit I'm a bit disappointed in the path the series has taken. The first two books were truly a PI in a fantasy world. Now, Taylor is on a quest and each book is a bit more of the same. Taylor and his friends are engaging characters, but the story seems to be stuck on a theme. The story moves well and doesn't lack for excitement, but I'd like to see this thread wrapped up and John get back to fighting crime in Nightside.

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