Gregory, Susanna – AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE

AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE (Medieval Mystery-England-1300s) – VG Gregory, Susanna – 2nd in series
Time Warner Paperbacks, 1997 – Paperback

The plague has passed and physician Matthew Bartholomew wants only to train his students and attend to his patients. As senior physician, he is called to examine a body mysteriously discovered inside the treasured, and supposedly secure, University chest, which holds all the most valued, documents. Witchcraft is also on the rise and someone is brutally murdering prostitutes and marking their foot with a small circle of blood.

Ms. Gregory's has created an interesting 14th Century physician protagonist would rather be teaching and attending to his patients rather than conducting investigations. With strong supporting characters and rich historical detail, this is another very good book in a well-done series. The stories are just a bit overlong and the plot overcomplicated, but it all works together well. I recommend reading the series in order, and I do recommend reading the series.

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