Churchill, Jill - Class Menagerie -Sold-Good
in series - enjoyable series

Churchill, Jill - Quiche Before Dying - Sold-Good
in series - enjoyable series

Ferrigno, Robert - Cheshire Moon - Sold-Good 2nd
in series - difficult style, probably won't read more

Henderson, C. J. - No Free Lunch – Sold Couldn't get

Smith, Janet L. - Practice to Deceive – Sold 2nd
in series -Can’t figure these out - good but odd

Wilcox, Collin - Bernhardt's Edge – Ex 1st
Abe Bernhardt - SF - very good read

Woods, Sherryl - Stolen Moments – Ex 3rd
in series - Amanda Roberts-Georgia-light, fun

Woods, Sherryl - Ties that Bind (AR – Ex 4th
in Amada Roberts series - Light but fun

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