Abbott, Jeff - Only Good Yankee – Ex 2nd
in series - Good humor, liked even better than the 1st

Ayers, Noreen - Carcass Trade – Ok Inconsistent,
couldn't get involved with the characters

Babula, William - St. John's Beastiary – Sold Completely unsympathetic protagonist, boring book!

Brennan, Carol - Full Commission – Ex 2nd
Liz Wareman

Brennan, Carol - Headhunt – Ex 1st
Liz Wareman, NY public relations, 2x divorced, cats, wealthy boyfriend

Dawson, Janet - Take a Number - Sold-Good
in series - not as good as some other authors

Emerson, Earl - Black Hearts/Slow Dancing – VG 1st
in series - Mac Fontaine - good

Emerson, Earl - Portland Laugher - Ex 1995 Top
Ten List
– 7th Thomas Black, Begins with Thomas in a coma

Fowler, Earlene - Fools Puzzle - Sold-Good read
1st in series - humor, widow, curator, guilts, grandmother

Hallinan, Timothy - Skin Deep – Sold Well written
but hard to even like the main character, no

Jance, J.A. - Tombstone Courage – Ex 2nd
Joanna Brady - enjoyed, liked better than 1st of this series.

Katz, Jon - Last Housewife – Ex 3rd in series - Middle school sexual harassment

Kijewski, Karen - Alley Kat Blues - Ex 7th
in series - Mormans

Maxwell, Evan - All the Winters that Have Been – Ex "Bridges"
in WA without the arrogance-cried

Mayor, Archer - Scent of Evil – G 3rd
in series - Strictly a cop story, didn't like as well as others

McKenna, Bridget - Caught Dead – Ex 3rd
in series - Moves well, like the character

McKenna, Bridget - Dead Ahead – Ex 2nd
in series - Good series - keep going

Prowell, Sandra West - By Evil Means – Ex 1st
in series - Good humor, liked the characters

Scott, Justin - Stone Dust – Ex Even better
than the 1st (Hardscape)

Smith, Julie - Death Turns a Trick – Ex 2nd
-Rebecca Schwartz, SF, get more

Stabenow, Dana - Dean in the Water – VG 3rd
in series - Didn't like as well as first two

Trocheck, Kathy Hogan - Homemade Sin - Sold-VG 3rd - est
friend/cousin killed

Walters, Minette - Ice House - Sold-Good 1st
in series, but slow

White, Gloria - Charged with Guilt – Ex 3rd
in series - Daughter of cat burglars

Woods, Sherryl - Bank On It – Ex 5th
Amanda Roberts - Enjoyable series

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