Albert, Susan Witing - Hangman's Root – Sold TX herb shop, ok but not great

Albert, Susan Witing - Witches Bane – Sold TX herb shop, ok but not great

Brennan, Carol - Chill of Summer – G 2nd in ES series - Plodding

Churchill, Jill - From Here to Paternity - Sold-Too light 6th in series - enough

Emerson, Earl - Morons & Madmen – G 3rd Mac Fontana - Still like other series better

Gores, Joe - Dead Skip – G But not great

Grafton, Sue - "L" is for Lawless – VG One of her best

Grisham, John - Rainmaker – VG 5th book - One of his best

Healy, Jeremiah - Rescue – Ex 1995 Top Ten List - Best by far - 10th of series

Holtzer, Susan - Something to Kill For – Sold Light, but not fluffy, good, more substance than some, antiques

Jance, J.A. - Desert Heat – G 1st Joanna Brady - don't like as well as Beaumont, but good read

Jance, J.A. - Shoot, Don't Shoot – Ex Joanna Brady, series is improving, this is #3

King, Laurie R. - A Grave Talent – VG 1st KM - Will definately read more

McBain, Ed – Romance – Ok Think I've grown out of him

Muller, Marcia - Til Butchers Cut Him Down – Ex 14th in series - Muller up to her usual good read

Perry, Anne - Traitor's Gate – VG 15th Pitt - Always forget how much I enjoy these

Walker, Mary Willis - Red Scream – Ex Molly Cates -1995 Top Ten List - Loved It!

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