Aiken, Joan - Haunting of Lamb House – Ok Ghost story in 3 time periods, language matches the period, intriguing

Albert, Neil-January Corpse-G Slightly different, interesting twist

Beaton, M.C - Death of a Perfect Wife – G 4th in series - Very enjoyable

Buchanan, Edna - Contents Under Pressure – G 1st in series - Rodney King type plot

Cannon, Taffy - Pocketful of Karma – G Good, light but good

Clark, Mary Higgins - Let me Call You Sweetheart – G 13th book - Lots of threads leading to the solution,
intertwined characters

Daheim, Mary - Alpine Decoy - Sold-Good 4th in series - very light - only the 1st was really good

Daheim, Mary - Fowl Prey – Sold Not my cup of tea - too light

Dymmoch, Michael Allen - Man Who Understood Cats – Ex 1st in series - Liked the characters, didn't sterotype gays
or straights

Francis, Dick - Come to Grief – VG 35th book - Sid Halley, not as exciting as others, but very good, "courage is lonely"

Jacobs, Jonnie - Murder Among Neighbors – VG 1st in series - Light but good, humorous

Kahn, Michael A. - Firm Ambitions – Ex 3rd in series - Enjoyed it

Lansdale, Joe R. - Act of Love – Sold Characters had no redeeming values - could care less

Levine, Paul - Night Vision – VG 3rd book - Enjoyable read

Martin, Lee - Too Sane a Murder – G Good premise but needed more

Mayor, Archer - Fruits of the Poisonious Tree – VG 5th in series - His books have definitely improved

Mayor, Archer - Skeleton's Knee – VG 4th in series - Best so far, exciting

Otto, Whitney - Now You See Her – Ok Woman who wrote "...Quilt", interesting

Perry, Anne - Cain His Brother – VG Monk - relationship with Heather developing very slowly

Pickard, Nancy - Twilight – G 10th in series - Light but not fluffy

Rosenberg, Nasncy Taylor - Mitigating Circumstances - Sold-Boring
didn't even finish

Satterthwait, Walter - Hanged Man – Ok Too many characters, writes action screenplays - might try another

Straley, John - Curious Eat Themselves –Sold Couldn't get into the characters

Weir, Charlene - Consider the Crows – G Good 2nd book, lots going on, not a fluffy

Woods, Sherryl - Wages of Sin – Ex 7th Amanda Roberts - Will read more

Woods, Sherryl - White Lightening – Ex Light but enjoyable, 9th Amanda

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