THE RABBIT FACTORY (Police Procedural-Los Angeles-Cont) – G+ Karp, Marshall – 1st in series

MacAdam Cage, 2006- US Hardcover – ISBN: 1596921749

*** Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs have a dead rabbit on their hands. The man who dresses as Rambunction Rabbit at Lamaar Studios Familyland has been murdered. Their first theory is that the killer was targeting the employee, who was a convicted pedophile. But as more murders occur it becomes clear that someone is out to destroy Lamaar Studios. It’s not easy for the detectives to investigate the case, try and prevent more murders while trying to keep the incidents out of the public eye.

In the Acknowledgement, Marshall Karp gives “Special thanks to Sandi Gelles-Cole who helped take the fear and the mystery out of how to fill 600 blank pages.” He should have listened to the fear. This was a good book that could have been a great book had it been 300 pages shorter. For an author who created whole stories in 30-to-60 second ads, he suffered from word explosion. I wish every aspiring author, particularly of police procedurals, were required to read the early books of Ed McBain and then write one of their own of a similar length. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the book, I did. There were good characters and good suspense. There was certainly character development. It was a fast and enjoyable read. I shall read Mr. Karp’s next book but I shall also hope, over time, he provides us with crisp, exciting, tightly plotted stories.

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