THE WATCHMAN (Private Investigator-Los Angeles-Cont) – Ex Crais, Robert – 14th book

Simon & Schuster, 2007–US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780743281638

Joe Pike owes a man a job and the man has called to collect. A young LA heiress was involved in a traffic accident and now people are trying to kill her. As bad guys keep finding them, Joe quickly realized someone on the inside is selling the girl out and the only one Joe can trust is Cole.

This was an interesting book on several levels. There is Cole, taking a secondary role as he still recovers from the wounds inflicted in “The Forgotten Man.” There is Larkin, the Paris Hilton-type character, who is finding out just how hard and dangerous life can be and the conjecture as to whey she acts as she does. But mainly, there is Joe, about whom we learn more of his background, particularly why he joined the police force and why he left. One of the most interesting parts is watching Joe become a bit more accessible as he helps Larkin become a bit stronger. Even with those elements, there is a reticence in telling Joe’s story that is very appropriate to the character. I wouldn’t have expected the revealing of Joe’s past to be as open and emotional as it was for Cole’s past. It just wouldn’t have fit with the character and I give great credit to Crais for that restraint. As one who loves this series, I found this an excellent read.

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