Coleman, Reed Farrel – SOUL PATCH

SOUL PATCH (Unlicensed Investigator-NY-Cont) – G+ Coleman, Reed Farrel – 4th in series

Bleak House Books, 2006- ARC – ISBN (Hardcover): 9781932557411

Ex-policeman, now PI and wine-shop owner Moe Prager is approached by Larry MacDonald, a brother cop who is now NYPD Chief of Detectives. Larry gives Moe an unauthorized tape of an interrogation where a snitch claims he has information about the murder of D Rex, a major drug dealer in the ‘70s. Larry wants Moe to investigate as that information could seriously harm the careers of Larry and other top cops. Moe refuses but when Larry is found dead of an apparent suicide, Moe decides to learn the truth.

Coleman does do a very good job of incorporating the important elements from previous books into this one so it can be read as a standalone. The book reads very much like an insiders’ story and, I felt, gives an accurate portrayal of the relationships between cops as well as the story’s setting. It is definitely a gritty story. I felt a bit as though I was intruding. The characters are well portrayed, but few of them are likable. While this is not my favorite of the Prager books—it would be hard to beat “Walking the Perfect Square” or “The James Deans”--Coleman is an excellent writer. Moe is a wonderful character; I certainly hope this isn’t the last we see of him. If it is, I shall look forward to seeing where Coleman takes us next.

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