THE TRUMPET SHALL SOUND (Police Proc/Trad. Mystery-England-Cont) - VG Templeton, Aline – 4th book
Constable, 1997- UK Hardcover

Anna Hartington, daughter of late conductor Eden Harrington, is determined that the Hartington Music Festival go on as a tribute to her father. In the process, she has made a lot of enemies. When she is found murdered, the police have more than enough suspects, including the current conductor. Detective Sergeant Diane Braithwaite is removed from the case when it is claimed she is personal friends with the accused conductor’s wife. But that doesn’t stop her from investigating a case she feels is off track.

I have only recently found Ms. Templeton and am I glad I did. This book is a combination traditional mystery/police procedural with interesting characters, particularly Diane Braithwaite. Her characters are all very real and human. The plot is tight and keeps you guessing. There are lots of suspects, some good tension, and excellent dialogue. The book is worth searching out and I look forward to reading more by this author.

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