BLINDFOLD GAME (Thriller-Alaska mostly-Cont) – VG Stabenow, Dana – Standalone
St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2006- Hardcover

CIA analyst High Rincon is alerted by one of his operatives that two men she felt responsible for a bombing in Thailand, were planning a major attack, via a dirty bomb, on Alaska. Although Hugh’s superiors won’t take it seriously, Hugh commandeers the help of his wife and her superior; superior officers aboard the Coast Guard cutter Sojourner Truth. Can they stop the terrorists before millions in Alaska are affected?

Once again, Ms. Stabenow has created strong, interesting characters and excellent dialogue. Her characters are all people with histories, even the terrorists. Her sense of place is always good and here, particularly, it played a strong role. I enjoyed the red herrings, and her research really showed in providing us a look at the work of the Coast Guard and the environmental activists. The relationship between the two main characters was effective, even the “Awww” moment. I particularly appreciated her giving us a follow-up on all the characters. I found it a wonderfully interesting, exciting, enjoyable, straight-through read.

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