HARD KNOCKS (Thriller-England-Cont) – VG Sharp, Zoe – 3rd in series
Piatkus, 2003- UK Hardcover

Charlie Fox is asked by her former Special Forces instructor, and former lover, Sean, to investigate the death of a man who had betrayed her friendship and ruined her military career. Although she doesn’t care that he’s dead, she can’t refuse the request and goes undercover at a bodyguard training school in Germany. It soon becomes clear there’s something much darker and more deadly going on at the school and it’s up to Charlie to uncover the secrets and stay alive.

Sharp really knows how to write an engrossing, action-packed story. I’ve read the first two in the series and love Charlie. She is a wonderful protagonist; smart, tough, skilled yet has her vulnerabilities. The plot is tight and fast moving with very good action scenes. The tension and suspense really keep you going. I’ve the next two books on my shelf and look forward to more exciting times with Charlie

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