Koryta, Michael – SORROW’s ANTHEM

SORROW’s ANTHEM (Private Investigator-Cleveland, OH-Cont) – VG Koryta, Michael – 2nd in series
Thomas Dunne Books, 2006- Hardcover

Private investigator Lincoln Perry’s childhood friend, Ed Gradduck has been videotaped leaving an arson fire; a house containing the body of a murdered woman. Lincoln and Ed have been estranged for years, but Lincoln doesn’t believe his friend is guilty and offers to help Ed. Ed bolts and is run over by the police. But was it accidental or did the police want to keep Ed quiet.

Koryta’s second book is a solid follow on to his first. I really enjoy the contrast of Perry, the not-yet-30 investigator and his partner, Joe Pritchard retired after 30 years on the police force. But this was definitely Perry’s story and really a story of friendship. The author uses fire and weather well to add tension and to build the suspense to an exciting climax. The story is very well plotted with excellent dialogue. I loved the explanation for the books title and look forward to more books in this series.

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