PROMISE ME (Unlicensed Investigator-NY/NJ/Cont) – Ex
Coben, Harlen – 8th in series
Dutton, 2006-Hardcover

Myron Bolitar has changed his focus from being a sports agent and crime fighter to being an entertainment agent. He even has a new girlfriend, Ali. At their first official part as a couple, he hears Ali’s daughter, Erin, and her best friend, Aimee Biel talking. Myron makes them promise if they ever need a ride from a party where there’s been drinking or any other help, they will call him and he won’t tell their parents. Aimee does call, he takes her to a house in New Jersey, she disappears and Myron is a suspect. When it’s found another girl disappeared previously in a similar way, and both girls had first withdrawn cash from the same ATM, Myron is determined to find out what happened.

It’s so nice having Myron and the gang back. I like that time has passed and the character’s lives have changed as well. I really like that we finally have some background on Win. Coben’s trademark humor and strong dialogue nicely balance out the violence. But don’t mistake this for a simple, or simplistic, book. There are several serious themes and threads neatly intertwined and even a good lesson to be learned in the end. The ending may not be pat, but I found it effective and appropriate to the character. I highly recommend this book, but do suggest reading the series in order.

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