Some of you have been feverishly clicking through the Featured Posts links I had up over the last few days. I was putting these up by hand, but what I didn't realise was that Ning already had a mechanism for doing this. Since it involves me clicking once rather than typing a whole bunch of cryptic gobbledy-gook, I've switched to the Ning way of doing it.

Now the featured posts will just appear on the front page. As they were supposed to all along.

One other thing I've noticed is the widely differing sizes of blog posts. In the help section, I've suggested that everyone use size 2(10pt), which is the smallest font that's easily readable. Also, if you want everyone to see the post, please make sure that you click on Everyone under the section "Who can view this post?"

Thanks everyone, and sorry for the confusion. I'm still trying to work out this baby, too.

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