Saint Charbel - some unexpected changes

I did some work on Saint Charbel yesterday, and I'm realizing that this is turning into something entirely different from how it started. It's one of those very familiar situations where my book is writing itself and I'm just trying to keep up. That's when I know I'm on a roll. I am resenting the usual demands on my time right now, because Saint Charbel is swirling around in my head. The next thing is that the title will definitely NOT BE The Murder of Saint Charbel, which is too bad because I really like it. Do other murder writers feel surprise when they realize their perpetrator just gets more sinister as the book goes on? I do!

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Comment by Rosemary Harris on June 23, 2007 at 10:16pm
It's funny how your book and the characters can morph into something else as you're writing. I have the opposite problem, my good guys occasionally reveal themselves as not so good..

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