I'm happy to announce that Bad Moon Books will be publishing my horror novella, THE SCRUBS. It will be available in limited edition paperback and a collector's edition hardback.
THE SCRUBS takes place in a fictionalized version of the real life prison of Wormwood Scrubs in London. It's the story of Michael Keeler, a convicted killer, who volunteers to be part of the North Wing project in order to gain a pardon--except no one has ever returned from the project.
I'm very excited by this book. I'm hoping to develop this into a trilogy of tales. I also think this is one of the strongest horror stories I've written.
THE SCRUBS will be out summer 2008.

This sale marks the introduction of my new writing identity. In the future, all my horror publications will be under the name Simon Janus, while my thrillers and mysteries will continue to come out under Simon Wood. The reason for the split is straddling two different genres has created a lot confusion among readers, which I'm hoping to clear up from now on. I'll be discussing more about the new identity on Murderati.

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