I haven't logged onto CrimeSpace since early June, and this morning, to my dismay, the gatekeeper didn't recognize me and refused to let me in. Is it because I've been AWOL? I had to go through various electronic contortions with Ning and reset my password. Finally I accessed my page, and to my relief, everything is still here.

Seems we're becoming more of a speakeasy than an open bar. I imagine this is Ning's doing, and maybe the security is a good thing. Who knows?

I'm glad to report I fixed the typos on my website, and since my last blog entry, I've received a wonderful review of Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders on Dorothy L. I'll post it here soon.

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Comment by Daniel Hatadi on June 29, 2007 at 11:24pm
Julie, some of the recent updates to Crimespace have required people to sign in again. Nothing to worry about, if you happen to remember your password. Glad to have you back on board.

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