DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 10- July 25

Today I nearly had to throw down with the good folks at United Airlines in Denver. Long story. Involved me running two minutes behind the 45 minute cut off to check bags in Denver (b/c I spent 20 in the line to get to the nice lady who told me the only option was to travel tomorrow when I could show up 90 minutes in advance as required). Highlight was collapsing two bags into one bag in front of a small crowd to cheer me on, then sprinting to the gate in time to board. Human perseverance, 1. Smart alec airline stiff, 0.

Very nice folks at the reading at Village Books in Bellingham. Picked up the cutest book ever on a bargain table, in which Clive Cussler, Fanny Flagg, and others give writing advice to Snoopy (yes, that Snoopy). Popped in to say hi to JB and the other nice folks at Mystery Bookstore in Seattle. Watched the fading sunlight glimmer on Lake Union and momentarily rethought the whole I'm-a-New-Yorker-now mantra. Damn the Pacific Northwest for being so beautiful.

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