I love Friday nights...the work week is over (well, there is the Saturday shift at B&N but that's fun, not work), and I can throw the business attire in the closet for two days in favor of cropped pants and a tee-shirt. Tonight I made myself some red beans and rice and popped Second Sight with Clive Owen into the DVD player. Not so much writing done this week between work and real life projects like kitchen cabinets, but Saturday and Sunday are blank slates to be filled with (hopefully) some good words and forward motion. The rains came this afternoon and broke the heat bubble, so we're less humid and a few degrees cooler. Illinois in the summer :o) Sweet corn festival tomorrow; craft fair, entertainment, and steamed ears of Illini supersweet...and the students are back... a minor reason to be blue, since they tend to make traffic more of a snarl, but that's life in a university town; balanced by some fine theater on campus and off, and a great mix of cultures.

I'm really just rambling a bit here, just to set something down and share a bit. Weekends are wonderful things, especially since they begin on Friday nights :o)

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