Not crime-related but plenty of vengeance and killing

I just finished Conn Iggulden's newest novel Genghis: Birth of a Nation.

Genghis and the Mongols are a topic of perennial fascination for me, and I'm always interested in novelistic interpretations.

The 50 pages of Iggulden's Genghis was a tad slow for me, but then, when young Genghis is out on his own trying to survive! My gosh! I could not put it down. Which is highly unusual for me. I'm a hard sell.

Not only could I not put it down, at odd moments during the day, when I was driving or doing dishes, I found myself worrying whether young Genghis would starve! Even knowing how the real "story" ends. Silly me.

Really enjoyed the book. Hope there will be more installments from Iggulden on the same topic, and I'm looking forward to starting his Empire series.

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