Just finished "reading" (as in an audiobook) Scott Turow's Ordinary Heroes http://www.scottturow.com/ordinaryheroes.htm set in World War II. Lovely writing. Great research and incorporation of authentic details and a bibliography on the website to prove it: http://www.scottturow.com/ordinaryheroesbibliography.htm

Great characters, especially the two resistance fighters--Martin and Gita, especially Gita. The audiobook includes an interesting interview with Turow who talks about Gita as the character that took on a life of her own. It vaguely has a mystery plot--the search for a spy through the final stages of WWII Europe. It was plenty crime/mystery for me. Nice, unexpected twist at the end. I enjoyed it immensely. Too bad the title is going to be so hard to remember a month from now.

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