Interview with Margot Justes

September 3, 2007

What's the title of your book and what's it about?

The title is A Hotel in Paris, and it is about an American painter who goes to Paris and finds murder, mayhem and an Inspector from Interpol.

What is your website? Where else can people find out more about you?

My website would be a great start, it is

What is your genre, and what do you personally gain by writing in this genre?

I started out writing a full fledged mystery, an international cozy. My two protagonists met and the rest as they say is history, there was an instant chemistry between them. So I have a mystery with romance. Since it is set in Paris, the romance part was very easy. I enjoy writing, I find it very therapeutic. The mystery genre is very familiar to me, since I am a big fan, the romance genre is a new found friend.

What artwork hangs in your home?

That is a delightful question. I love glass and I am a great, absolutely huge Chihuly fan, sad to say I don't own any of his pieces. But, I have some African folk art, I love the Art Deco period and have a few pieces, Oriental water colors, etc. I love art. Our house does not have much wall space left or shelf space for that matter, so I just bought some art glass shelves for more art. The Highland Park Art Fair is coming up and I'll need space. I get a great deal of pleasure looking at the pieces.

Describe the place you do most of your writing.

That would be my incredibly messy office, where I am continuously looking for things, but it affords me my solitude. It is filled with books, has a comfy couch, where I can sit and read, and of course my desk,computer and no phone.

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