Interview with Christine Verstraete, author of The Witch Tree

August 27, 2007

What's the title of your book and what's it about?

I love reading science fiction, mysteries and stories about the supernatural, having grown up with classics like the Twilight Zone and having read almost every book by Stephen King. Some of that eeriness must've rubbed off on my own writing, like my short story, "The Witch Tree,"

published by Echelon Press, LLC, which involves an unusual flocking of blackbirds, a big ugly tree and... you'll have to read it for the rest of the story.

But I also enjoy mysteries and managed to combined my favorites: dogs, miniatures and mystery in my upcoming young adult book, "Searching for a Starry Night," coming out in spring '08 from Quake,, a division of Echelon Press.

What is your website? Where else can people find out more about you?

You can read about my work and see some of my miniatures at I am always adding things and changing pages so stop by!

Plus, in relation to my upcoming ya mystery which features a mischievous Dachshund named Petey and a hunt for a missing miniature Van Gogh painting, I've started a new blog,, which will feature some unique dog-related miniatures and unusual dog news. Right now, I am trying to catch up so be sure to check back!

What is your genre, and what do you personally gain by writing in this genre?

I've always been a curious person (read nosy, ha!) so that could explain why I've been drawn to mysteries. I simply have to know the answer to the riddle!

What artwork hangs in your home?

I enjoy all kinds of art, but much of my "artwork" is three-dimensional, as in shadowboxes featuring miniatures I've made, small wall hanging rooms or other larger dollhouses set on tables.

Describe the place you do most of your writing.

I have a small home office where I work.

Can you give me an excerpt of your writing -- say a paragraph that shows the true inner self of your main character? I'm looking for the "deepest moment"

of character realization in your book (in 100 words or less :-)

One of my favorite moments in "Searching for a Starry Night" is when Sam attempts to scare her friend with a spooky, late-night family story. That story comes back to haunt her when she hears a noise outside...

..."Don't open the door," Lita whispered. "You've seen all those scary movies. You know what happens when the boy or girl goes outside by themselves."

"Oh, c'mon Lita," Sam groaned, "how could you do that to me? I've been trying not to think of Grandpa Sylvester and you--"

Her words were cut off by the sound of a thump right outside the door.

Petey flew forward in a spasm of barks. His legs left the ground with each violent growl and bark. Sam wasted no time and jumped off the chair almost into her friend's arms. The two hugged each other and watched, wide-eyed, as the doorknob slowly started to turn.

The panic threatened to choke Sam. "Lita," she whispered, "please tell me that I locked the door."

- Excerpt, "Searching for a Starry Night," Quake, coming spring '08.

Christine Verstraete - Coming Spring '08: "Searching for a Starry Night" - A nosy Dachshund digs up a family curse... is Sam's quest to find the missing miniature art, and save her longest friendship, doomed? Quake/Echelon Press -

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