I'm off to Alaska in the morning--heading for Bouchercon and looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.

The great thing about the mystery world is the friendships I have made. I would not have believed, when I wrote my first mystery 11 years ago that I would have a circle of wonderful friends who are important in my life. Any of you who have not been to a mystery convention, I really recommend trying one--they are all over the place and at various times of year. We really are a friendly bunch and you'll have a great time.

At this moment I'd debating what to pack for Alaska. Luckily I was there at this time last year, and it wasn't too cold--just layers and a waterproof parka worked well. The problem is that hotels are usually too hot, so it may be a question of layering up to go outside. There have been reports of seeing the aurora in Anchorage so I'm looking forward to that, also seeing the occasional moose!

And I may have time for the occastional panel and reception <g>


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