well im stuck my mind has gone compleatly blank i never thought it would be so hard to write a book i mean i have my idea and i have written my 1st couple of pages but now i cant think of anything it is so frustrating.well enough of my whinge on a lighter note im currently reading 'The Naming Of The Dead' by Ian Rankin and it is really good i love the Rebus series and cant wait to read 'Exit music'

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Comment by carole gill on September 27, 2007 at 4:24am
Hi there. Boy do I so know what you mean! I'm writing my first novel and it's murder. The best advice I've had is don't wait for inspiration, just try to knock out a certain amount of wordage a day. sometimes it's like pulling teeth and other days it comes fairly freely.
what I do, is I say to myself: where does this scene have to go next--and you'll get answers--it helps me to reason it out on paper and then do a chapter. anyway, good luck!

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