It’s fall, and time for a new issue of LLBartlett’s Books newsletter. Welcome to the readers new to the list--thanks for joining!

Of course the BIG news is that today marks the debut of the paperback version of MURDER ON THE MIND. Worldwide Mystery Library did a fantastic job repackaging the book, with a new cover and a much more attractive price that makes it affordable for just about everyone: just $4.79 plus postage. (Unless you live in New York State--then you have to pay tax. Bummer.)

Unfortunately, the book is only available for a limited time from Worldwide’s parent company, Harlequin, but ordering couldn’t be easier. Click this link:

and place your order. Those new to ordering from Harlequin will also get an added discount.

Still not convinced you should jump over to order the book, then check out the excerpt on my website and read the reviews.

================================================= HOW I GOT PUBLISHED: Famous Authors Tell You In Their Own Words

This Writers Digest anthology features advice from famous authors such as Clive Cussler, J.A. Jance, Gayle Lynds, Christopher Moore, JA Konrath, John Lescroart, David Morrell, Stephen White, Hallie Ephron, Stephen Coonts, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Dave Barry, MJ Rose, and dozens of other published authors.

And guess what? I’m one of the “dozens of other published authors!” : )

My essay, CRITIQUING AND THE GREEN-EYED MONSTER talks about my experiences with jealousy within critiques groups. This is a BIG, FAT book, full of entertaining anecdotes. If you’ve got literary aspirations, there’s sure to be the perfect piece of advice just for you.

Amazon is selling it for the discount price of $11.55 (you save $5.44). Order it here: =================================================

DEAD IN RED, the sequel to MURDER ON THE MIND, is on track to be published in hardcover in summer 2008. I’ve already received the copyedit, which means the cover can’t be far behind. I’ll post it on my website as soon as I get it. It should be available for pre-order on Amazon in January or February. I’ll keep you posted.

================================================= MURDER IS BINDING Update

The first installment in my Booktown Cozy Mystery Series, MURDER IS BINDING, is already available for pre-order on Amazon:

I’ve received a preliminary copy of the cover and it’s absolutely wonderful, but since it’s not final, I can’t yet share it. (Double bummer.) I’m currently working on my new website to plug my Lorna Barrett “brand” and hope to have it up and running in early November. I’ll be posting an excerpt in February.

I’m currently working on the sequel, tentatively titled “Bookmarked For Murder.”

================================================= DAZED AND CONFUSED & WRITERS PLOT

Yup, couldn’t end without reminding you that I have a personal blog (Dazed And Confused:, where I talk about the minutiae of my life, and I’m a member of Writers Plot ( along with cozy authors Leann Sweeney, Sheila Connolly (also writing as Sarah Atwell) Doranna Durgin (who is published in many genres) and librarian and published author Jeanne Munn Bracken. (I post on Tuesdays!)

I hope you’ll check out both blogs.

================================================= Fall in Western New York often means a glut a rainy, gloomy days, but instead of dreading it, I’m actually looking forward to it. I love to write on those kind of days and I tend to get a LOT done. Once I finish the sequel to MURDER IS BINDING, I intend to tackle a rewrite of another of my pet projects. It’s a great little story (in my not so humble opinion) and I’d really like to see it find a publisher. I believe the primary reason it hasn’t yet sold is because it’s just *too* little (i.e. short). I intend to fix that. I’m not worried. I’m a writer!


Happy Harvest Time!

Lorraine ----------
Writing as L.L. Bartlett and Lorna Barrett

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