Report from Bouchercon 2007 -- South From Alaska!

In a word -- mush!

Bouchercon in Anchorage was 2 parts Jack London and 1 part Northern Exposure. Full of interesting juxtapositions and outright contradictions. No internet connection in the hotel (the Anchorage Hilton and city's tallest building!). But the governor spoke at the Award ceremony cocktail party. Lee Child wasn't there. But Dana Stabenow was everywhere. I wasn't allowed to show a dvd at my author's solo presentation. But they kept having CSI Alaska presentations that included everyone in the state who ever worked a case. The bookroom failed to stock my book (LADYKILLER). But they had plenty of copies of Larry's 2 Dorchester paperbacks. It was half the size of the usual Bouchercon. But the people who came were very friendly.

On balance, it was fun. We took an extra day and went on an all-day cruise around Prince William Sound and saw 26 separate glaciers! Pretty sweet.

So is it fair to call Alaska The Land of Ice and No? Maybe not. But I'm looking forward to Baltimore!

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Comment by Rose Mercer on November 2, 2007 at 11:16am
Tks for this report; Bucheron must be an amazing event, even if smaller this time. I envy your trip to Alaska though - it's one of the places I'd really love to see and cruise. I love cold weather... maybe I'm extra "green" because we're warming up for Summer here. :)

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