So, I’ve finally risen from my bed of pain. It’s been too damn long since my last post. For starters, thanks to all the big booty ladies who offered to nurse me. Sadly, I have simply not been fit for polite (or otherwise) company. I do hope you’ll all come out and represent at my big book release bash at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood on February 3rd. I also hope that by then I will no longer be lithsping like someone’s teenaged babysitter with brand new braces.

I do want to say that “tissue harvesting” really sucks. It’s especially nasty because even though you’re numb, you can still feel the little hook-shaped scalpel sawing and peeling loose this wet flag of meat off the roof of your mouth. Of course the part where they snip the flag into patches and sew the patches over the big gaping holes full of grits made from dead people’s bones is no fucking picnic either. Never mind the fact that my system burns through Novocain in record time. In a word, ouch.

But enough torture porn. On to things that really matter.

My sort-of book tour for MONEY SHOT is really starting to shape up. There’ll be events in New York, LA, Seattle, Portland, Houston and hopefully New Orleans. I’ll also be doing some signings in late November for the forthcoming anthology HELL OF A WOMAN, edited by Megan Abbott. I’ll post all the dates as soon as I can,

And speaking of Megan Abbott and big booty ladies, looks like the bootylicious Jessica Biel will be starring in a screen adaptation of Megan’s DIE A LITTLE. It also looks like they’ll be rewriting the story in a modern setting. I find that kind of hard to picture, but hey, I’m still intrigued.

The bed of pain is calling….

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