Seven reminders of why I can't quit writing

1. Because I've tried to quit before and I didn't have the guts to not write.

2. Because even though it's painful to write sometimes, it's even more excruciating to not write.

3. Because I can't afford to actually go out and commit those crimes or solve them in the real world. (Ok, strike this one. Sorta. No, leave it in.)

4. Because the voices in my head actually turned into characters in stories. And they will NOT shut up.

5. Because I want to find out for myself what's going to happen to those characters. Damn them.

6. Because every so often I get that email message or snailmail or phone call from a reader who says "When is the next one coming out?"

7. Because even though I sometimes hate the actual physical act of writing, I love the feeling of having created.

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