Alan Dershowitz Joins Us at SCENE OF THE CRIME to Talk about His Abe Ringel Courtroom Novels

Dershowitz for the Defense: The Abe Ringel Novels

High-profile lawyer and legalist is the description that comes most rapidly to mind when hearing the name Alan M. Dershowitz. A professor at Harvard Law
School and a noted appellate lawyer and columnist, he has represented
such clients as Claus von Bülow, O. J. Simpson, Anatoly Shcharansky,
Michael Milken, Mia Farrow, and Mike Tyson. But Dershowitz is also a
bestselling author of numerous nonfiction and fiction titles.

He has published three novels featuring prominent defense attorney Abe Ringel. The first, Advocate’s Devil, from 1995, finds Abe defending a young basketball star accused of rape. The second, Just Revenge, has Abe defending a Holocaust survivor who takes revenge on the man who killed his pregnant wife, son, and extended family in Lithuania in
1942. Publishers Weekly praised the “dramatic and tragic events
that frame the plot, and the intensity of [the author's] moral
argument” in that novel. In the just-published The Trials of Zion,
Abe’s daughter Emma, a recent Yale grad in law, plans to help defend a
young Palestinian accused of setting off an explosion that has killed
several of the world’s leaders in Israel. Eventually Abe is drawn into
the proceedings; he must win the Palestinian’s case or risk losing his
daughter forever. Playwright David Mamet noted of this work that
Dershowtiz writes “a real good rip-snorter” of a thriller. Booklist
also commended this title, writing that Dershowitz “combines exciting
action with courtroom drama and a lesson in the history and politics of
the Middle East … [in] a thought-provoking page-turner.”

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