Alexandrea Weis "The Keeper of The Dead"

There are times when I get to read something that as a reader I have a level of expectation based on the author, their reputation, and their past work. All of these have planted a seed in my brain pan of what is to come, at least I hope. Let’s face it, no one is perfect; some authors miss the mark, maybe they are taking a risk, stretching themselves, blah ,blah, blah.

My point in this is: I have read everything I can find by this author; she has consistently exceeded my expectations, raising the bar each and every time she delivers a new piece for consumption. Being a fan I love this type of thing. I have had the good fortune to have interviewed her a few times in the past on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE. The one constant throughout the interviews is that she not only takes the craft of writing very seriously, she also has the best interest of those that invest the time and money in reading her hard work. She loves her fans; she genuinely cares what they think and what they are looking for in a read.

To that end what you can expect to find in “The Keeper of the Dead” is a read that has very rich content, is chock full of factual information, and it really made me feel like I was right there in New Orleans. Her characters are believable and she got me to be invested in them rather quickly. The read, a length that teeters on being full length, moves quickly, flows smoothly, and is just consuming, totally. She not only met my expectations but again exceeded them. This is in part why I am such a huge fan of Alexandrea Weis’s work. A bonus for me, I get to interview her again on Friday October 21st at 5pm EST; I would suggest you tune in, it is generally a party. Check out the synopsis below:

“As Director of Cemeteries for the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, Angele Soule is jokingly known around town as The Keeper of the Dead. But Angele’s quiet job is turned upside down when a coworker’s body parts begin appearing in front of the tomb of the famous Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. During the investigation Angele meets Lou Glapion, a NOPD Homicide Detective, who is certain the woman’s murder is the work of a deranged individual and not related to the notorious voodoo practitioner.

But Angele is not entirely convinced and begins to probe into the dark art of voodoo. But when someone threatens Angele by ransacking her home, she turns to the handsome detective for help. Falling for Angele, and desperate to protect her, Lou Glapion insists she move in with him until the murder is solved. However, when another woman from her office is found dead, Angele feels she may become the killer’s next victim. But all is not as it would seem, until one night when Angele discovers the truth behind the murders. Suddenly trapped in the sinister world of voodoo, Angele finds her fate resting in the hands of the dead Marie Laveau.

For Angele Soule, being The Keeper of the Dead is about to take on a whole new meaning. “

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