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The G-ZONE this week!

Another great week on The G-ZONE!

Great guests, plenty of fun and most of all: great stuff for any reader or author. Tune in,call in, email in a question, be part of the conversation!

Monday Jan. 30 11.30 am EST- International Best-Selling author David L. Hoof

Tues. Jan. 31 4pm EST- Jo-Anne Vandermullen

Wed. Feb 1 2.30 pm EST- Lisa Doctor

Thursday Feb. 2 5.30 pm EST – Stephen H. King

Friday –TGIF-Feb. 3 4pm EST-CK Webb/Anthony Neil Smith/Les Edgerton…


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Looking for Something Amazing to Stuff Those Ereaders With This Weekend? Here Are Some of Trestle Press New Releases This Week!

“Amish Forever-Volume 4- A Cold Winter”- Roger Rheinheimer & Crystal Linn

“Amish Knitting Circle- Volume 8- Wings To Fly”- Karen Anna Vogel

“What Friends Are Made Of”- Randy K. Wallace

“How I Met Your Mother- Volume 5- Shattered Glass”- Mark cooper

“Slouching Toward Bethlehem- Volume 4- The Stranger in Dreams”- William Tooker

“Without Notice”- Jason Hughes

“The Man of Shadows-Volume 3”- Angel Zapata

“Wicked Little Lies-Volume 3” –Tanya…


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Kevin Helmick is releasing "Heartland Gothic" this Weekend!

Heartland Gothic is a black comedy of going home and reawaking. Depression, early midlife crisis, and strange small town eccentricities drive this gothic story of failed Hollywood screen writer Mark West after he survives losing his contract, agent, car, girlfriend, and a comical suicide attempt on the same day he…


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Joshua J. Mark releases "A Joke"

  Carl Miller isn't good with people and goes out of his way to avoid them. Eric Eastman is a popular architect and friends with everyone. When the two men meet, by chance, at Herm's bar, they strike up an instant friendship unfamiliar to Carl.

His life begins to unfold in ways he could never have imagined until his new…


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2 Days only –Wednesday and Thursday, $.99 only, the novella “Call Me Smitty-First Kill-Volume 9” by B.R. Stateham

B.R. Stateham has a very nice series he has been working on called “Call Me Smitty”; it is about a hitman/assassin that at times has a very big heart and at others is as cold as dry ice.

Starting today, Jan. 25th and ending tomorrow the 26th we are putting the newest installment in the series on sale for $.99. Normally we price a novella sized story at $2.99, but to get more readers interested in the series we are reducing the price for 48 hours.…


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C.K. Webb Starts off The G-ZONE’s TGIF show!

Author C.K. Webb will be my guest on Friday at 4pm EST on The G-ZONE ,my blogtalk radio show, to discuss her many projects. Following her will be Anthony Neil Smith and a great friend of the show, Les Edgerton. Tune in for the fun:

Here is a little bit about the novels we…


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The G-ZONE this week!

Tues.-Jan. 24-5pm EST- E.E. King

Weds.-Jan. 25-4.30 pm EST-B.R. Stateham and some friends

Thurs.-Jan. 26-4pm EST-Ryan Cunningham

Fri.- Jan. 27-4Pm EST- C.K. Webb and at 4.30 pm EST Anthony Neil Smith & Les Edgerton-TGIF!!           …


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Whit Howland's "The Pandors Case" coming at you this weekend!

Joey Pantera, a mid level gangster has been ordered to go to the bus depot and retrieve a brief case from its current occupant, by any means necessary. Unfortunately, he has to bring along Teller, a low level hood, trying to make name for himself in the syndicate. Things go from bad to worse when Joey is double…


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Coming Soon- New Trestle Press available this weekend!

Here is a snapshot at some of the new titles coming out this week by Trestle Press authors:

Karen Anna Vogel- Amish Knitting Circle volume 8

Randy K. Wallace- What Friends Are Made Of

Mark Cooper- How I Met Your Mother- Volume 5- Shattered Glass

William Tooker- Slouching Towards Bethlehem- Volume…


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Nigel Bird’s “Smoke” – a Spinetingler Award Nominee- Best Novella 2011- Now Just $.99

 This is straight from Spinetingler magazine:

“To honor the crime fiction novellas released in 2011 we are proud to announce the first annual Spinetingler Award for Best Novella. If the trend of novellas continues then this award will be folded in to the main awards in the future.

The polls will be open until the end of the month.

Congratulations to Raymond Embrack, Ray Banks, Fingers Murphy, Tom Piccirilli, Jack Tunney, Kio Stark, Nik Korpon, Gerard Brennan, Chuck…


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This weeks schedule for The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show!

Another incredible week of guests is coming at you this week! Here is the list of guests :

Monday-Jan. 16- James Winter-11am EST

Tuesday-Jan. 17- Whit Howland/Heath Lowrance- 4pm EST

Weds.-Jan. 18- Richard Lutman-12pm EST

Thurs. - Jan. 19-D.P. Lyle- 4pm EST

Friday-Jan. 20- Great Minds Think Aloud -4pm EST          …


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Amazon Kindle Best-Selling and trailblazing author Paul D. Brazill has decided to drop the price of his legendary “Brit Grit Too” to $.99 for one day, Monday, January 16, 2012. If you purchase “Brit Grit Too” Trestle Press will match that with any title up to the full purchase price of $4.99 as part of the BOGO…


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Starting today, Saturday January 14th through Sunday, January 22, 2012, Trestle Press will be having a BUY ONE TITLE GET ONE TITLE FREE SALE !!

All of our titles are part of this sale, all of our authors will be participating in it, and all you have to do is when you purchase one of our…


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This Week on The G-ZONE

Another week full of fun and surprises. Here is the guest list and times:

Monday-Allan Zendell-11am EST

Tuesday- Kyle Hemmings-6pm EST

Weds- Joe Edd Morris- 4pm EST

Thursday- Josh Mark-4pm EST

Friday-The Mayor & Deputy Mayor of Book Town and  Manjo Rao- the fun starts at 6pm EST            

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Mark Cooper-The Shadow of al-Khayal

The Shadow of al-Khayal


I know – the heading makes it sound like a Lovecraftian pastiche, but bear with me – there’s a point here somewhere.


My wife asked me when I started writing. After some serious thought I answered that I probably started in earnest sometime around 2004 but I’d been writing off and on since late 2001. Although September 11th wasn’t a source of inspiration for my urge to write I would have to admit that it provided a form…


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New Releases from Trestle Press in Time for Christmas!!

New Releases from Trestle Press in time for Christmas!!


Trestle Press has released another bunch of incredible stories just in time for Christmas to feed those hungry ereaders. Without further ado, here they are:


J.T. Lewis- Murder! Too Close to Home

Paul Grzegorzek-The Follow

Paul D. Brazill- Brit Grit Too

David L. Hoof-Triple Jeopardy

Michel R. Vaillancourt-The Sauder Diaries: By Any Other…


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ICE - International Community of E-Publishing

ICE - International Community of E-Publishing



  • To recognize and promote work of independent authors, agents, editor, publishers and other e-publishing professionals.
  • To be able to vet outstanding writing and to provide assistance, via connections to other e-pub professionals to help an author produce quality work and product.


  • Open to all participants who are working to produce emedia…

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Do you have anything to do with ebooks? Aldo Calcagno has an extremely good idea he is reveling today at 5.30 pm EST on The G-ZONE. Tune in or catch it on the archives, you do not want to miss out on this.

Here is the link for the show:



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How To Create Quality Characters by John Hansen

How To Create Quality Characters

By John Hansen

Creating and developing characters is never an easy task, but there are numerous, easy ways to approach it. In this post, I’ll share my method for this madness, but keep in mind there are many other just as successful ways as well.

I tend to base a book off of a plot idea and then build the characters off of that plot. However, some authors prefer to start with the characters first,…


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Trestle Press Buy One Get One Free Sale Right Now!!

Trestle Press Buy One Get One Free Sale Right Now!!


All the Trestle Press authors are now engaged in providing readers with a buy one get one free sale from this very moment till the end of the day December 24th,2011. Just send any of us your proof of purchase and we will gladly send…


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