Nigel Bird’s “Smoke” – a Spinetingler Award Nominee- Best Novella 2011- Now Just $.99

 This is straight from Spinetingler magazine:

“To honor the crime fiction novellas released in 2011 we are proud to announce the first annual Spinetingler Award for Best Novella. If the trend of novellas continues then this award will be folded in to the main awards in the future.

The polls will be open until the end of the month.

Congratulations to Raymond Embrack, Ray Banks, Fingers Murphy, Tom Piccirilli, Jack Tunney, Kio Stark, Nik Korpon, Gerard Brennan, Chuck Wendig and Nigel Bird


California can be bought here

Everything I Tell You is a Lie can be bought here

Every Shallow Cut can be bought here

Felony Fists can be bought here

Follow Me Down can be bought here

Old Ghosts can be bought here

The Point can be bought here

Shotgun Gravy can be bought here

Smoke can be bought here


In considering the award I read every mystery/crime novella that I could find that was released in 2011. I wound up reading 40+ novellas. I’m willing to make the full list of novellas that were considered available upon request. Send me an email or leave a comment here and I’ll send it to you.

This from:

 Brian Lindenmuth


Brian is the non-fiction editor of Spinetingler magazine and one of the fiction editors of Snubnose Press. In addition to Spinetingler his work has appeared in Crimespree magazine and at BSC Review, Galleycat and the Mulholland Books website. He also heads the Spinetingler Award committee.

About Spinetingler magazine:

“The writing industry is often difficult to enter as an emerging writer. Writers are routinely rejected simply because their name or work is not known. Often, exceptional manuscripts are returned unread with a rejection form letter. Many of our staff writers have faced this challenge and know the frustration of spending months or even years waiting for the big break.


We also realized that the publishing industry was not being responsive to the changes in the world. Too often an author is forced to mail a manuscript with an SASE to a magazine or publisher, required to spend time and money on a process that does not make sense in a world where doing things “online” is a normal way of doing business.


That’s why we created Spinetingler Magazine. We want to entertain our audience while we promote and enhance the profile of talented emerging writers using the forum of electronic publishing. We know there are a lot of great stories out there that should have a place where they can be told, so we are providing that venue for them.”

The link to their website-

You can cast your vote here-

You can buy “Smoke” on Amazon Kindle -

You can buy “Smoke” on Amazon UK -


This week Trestle Press is running a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE SALE on its titles. If you purchase “Smoke “ today, we will be more than happy to send you another Trestle Press title free. The sale is on till the end of the week, Sunday Jan. 22,2012.

We would also encourage you once you have read “Smoke” to vote for it.

Please email us to get your free

About Nigel Bird:

46 years. It's been a long journey. I've been a primary school teacher for almost half of them, moving from mainstream to exceptional needs to additional support needs. I'm most happy with and most proud of my own family. Second to them comes my involvement in writing and peripheral projects.


I co-edited the Rue Bella magazine for 5 years or so and am mighty proud of that too. Recently I've been more involved with writing my own pieces.


I've been lucky enough to find spaces for some of my work in some of the best crime/noir magazines around. In April 2011 my work will be showcased in the Best British Crime Stories collection where I'll be appearing with names that make me feel very humble indeed (Banks, Guthrie, Atkinson, McCall Smith, Cody...)


I've given up gambling, alcohol, smoking and any kind of unnatural highs over the past few years and am looking for a new compulsion - maybe I've found it in Twitter.


Yep, 46 years.


I haven't always known it, but I've been a very lucky man indeed.



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