Whit Howland's "The Pandors Case" coming at you this weekend!

Joey Pantera, a mid level gangster has been ordered to go to the bus depot and retrieve a brief case from its current occupant, by any means necessary. Unfortunately, he has to bring along Teller, a low level hood, trying to make name for himself in the syndicate. Things go from bad to worse when Joey is double crossed by Teller, and finds out that other sinister people want this same case and are willing to kill for it as well.


Take a blood and guts tour with through this dark and seedy underworld full of ruthless clowns, brutal mimes, and other assorted lowlifes, on trail of The Pandora Case.

  When Whit Howland is not writing about westerns, he is fueled by a voracious appetite of crime fiction from the likes of Richard Stark, Joe r Lansdale, Mickey Spillane, James Ellroy, Seth Harwood, to name a few. An L A native he currently resides with his wife in Godfrey Illinois.


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