Carl Miller isn't good with people and goes out of his way to avoid them. Eric Eastman is a popular architect and friends with everyone. When the two men meet, by chance, at Herm's bar, they strike up an instant friendship unfamiliar to Carl.

His life begins to unfold in ways he could never have imagined until his new friend asks him for a favor. It's a very simple favor: he wants to play a joke on his wife. It should have all been so simple. It was supposed to be a joke.

   Joshua J. Mark is a freelance writer with over twenty years experience who has lived in Greece and Germany and, presently, lives in upstate New York, USA with his family. His published works include `To Memory’ through Edge Piece Magazine, `Civil Serpents' through Open Heart Publishing, `After the Funeral’ through Five Stop Stories, and `The Last Chance' through Halfway Down The Stairs, as well as other stories through print and on-line. Mark is also a site moderator for and has been published in Ancient History Encyclopedia, where he writes primarily on Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt; Suite 101, writing on Ancient Philosophy and Ancient History; and inspirational non-fiction through Angels on the Earth and Pure Inspirational Mark holds advanced degrees in both English and Philosophy. He is a part-time teacher of philosophy and writing at Marist College where he is a recipient of the Faculty of the Year Award.

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