British Novelist John Harvey Discusses Nottingham and the Charlie Resnick Books at SCENE OF THE CRIME

John Harvey’s Nottingham: The World of Charlie Resnick

Photo by Molly Boiling

British author John Harvey, the author of over a hundred a hundred books, is the creator of the celebrated series featuring Nottingham policeman Charlie Resnick. Mystery novelist Sue Grafton calls Resnick
“one of the most fully realized characters in modern crime fiction;
complex and capable, a man who not only loves justice, jazz and cats,
but who can turn the construction of a sandwich into a work of art.”
London’s Daily Mail noted of the author: “Harvey is a good as
they come; a writer of consummate elegance and deft characterisation,
never wasting a word in what amounts to a master class in crime writing.

In addition to the eleven books in the Resnick series, Harvey also writes the popular Frank Elder books, the first of which, Flesh & Blood, won the CWA Silver Dagger Award and the Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel. Harvey is also a poet of note.

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