Crazy Crime Headlines a Source for Ideas

I’m author Victoria Roder and as an author, the world around me is an endless opportunity for writing material. Everything I see, touch, taste, hear, and observe is ripe for the picking. My friend Denny gave me a t-shirt that reads, Be Careful What You Say. You Might be in My Novel.

I find the news to be a great source for storyline ideas. You can’t make up some of the crazy things people do. I wanted to share with you some unusual headlines from reputable newspapers I came across in my research.

*Police Seek Drag-dressing Car Thief

*Man in Superman Cape Stole Truck

*Crash Blamed on Vomiting Dog

*Three Charged in Bridal Shower Brawl

*Murder, Adultery, Witchcraft! Buffalo’s Shocking ‘Scandal of the Century!’

*Teenager Guilty of ‘Vampire’ Murder

*Dead Body Mistaken by Neighbors as a Halloween Display

*US woman found guilty of killing her husband by squashing him

The woman actually sat on her husband and suffocated him! If I wrote that in my novel readers might think the plot line was too far fetched, but it is actual news. I find human behavior fascinating and I am addicted to true crime shows. Feeding into my fascination of studying why people commit crimes, writing Bolt Action was thrilling. Secrets of the past, murder, mystery, revenge, deception, sexual tension, and the “State Quarter Killer”; Bolt Action offers it all.

In my Action Thriller, Bolt Action, Detective Leslie Bolt is a tough talking, gun hording, motorcycle riding investigator with as much insecurity as the rest of us. After a childhood of abuse suffered at the hands of her father, Leslie stashes a collection of pistols, revolvers, and even keeps a Browning A-Bolt Stalker Rifle in her broom closet. She is stand-offish and down right rude. Having to work a serial murder case with her handsome ex-lover Detective Lance Kestler doesn’t improve her disposition.

The “State Quarter Killer” is selecting victims that appear to have nothing in common except for the State Quarter placed under their lifeless bodies. As the body count mounts, Leslie Bolt begins to fall for the sexy medical examiner, Jack Donington. Perhaps a couple of Harley’s, paint drumming to music, and a new romance can help Detective Bolt conquer her own demons from the past. When Bolt’s apartment is tossed and her sister goes missing the question rises; will Detective Bolt capture the serial killer before her sister is the next victim?

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Comment by Victoria Roder on May 24, 2010 at 9:08am
I love it, Dan! Sometimes the headlines can be very fun when they shouldn't be.

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