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Crime fiction.  Hm.  Well, as mentioned before, my preference is the old fashioned good triumphs over evil style but within that limitation I do not feel that every heroic person has to be like a comic book hero or heroine.  I do love those, but I also like depth of character and diversity in stories.  Characterisation can be built around subthemes.  That's the author side.

You may have heard of magical realism.  I have heard of it, but have not read many of the authors who made it a respectable genre.  What happened in the original making of An Adventure in Indianapolis was that I followed the specs. put out by the Wizards of the Coast novel imprint submissions guidelines of 2006.  They asked for 'fantasy elements' but not 'fantasy'.  I thought of 'magical realism' and that is why 3 out of 4 of the main protagonists in An Adventure in Indianapolis have more than just tricks.  Two are occultists and the other one has prayed so well for so long that God made the Holy Water made through this one cleric exceptionally powerful.  For fantasy fans and gamers, that is almost nothing.  For regular people, and for a contemporary urban story - it is tons of magic for a world where almost none exists: it is harder to find than a diamond mine in Wisconsin.  Nevertheless, there is a little. 

If that strikes your fancy, pre-order from Alethia publishing today: sales@alethia.co.in.  If you have a Kindle reader and want the pre-publisher's edit edition then snatch it up right now Kindle version of An Adventure in Indianapolis

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