Unexpected Activities - Zach O'Malley of An Adventure in Indianapolis

He knows he is not the only O'Malley, but Zacheria is content.  He delighted his parents by making it clear he planned on growing up to become a priest - a nice Catholic priest.  His parents were pleased.

When he was a teenager, the girls were disappointed.  He was friendly and kind and attractive.  As long as they wanted him to behave like a gentleman it was nice, but when push came to shove and they wanted romance it became negative.  Zach was not the only person to have that type of experience as an adolescent but for the first time in his life he noticed that a lot of his long time friends now felt he was crazy for stubbornly saying 'No' to something natural and normal. 

Still, he was still young, so it was not that big of a deal.  Then he went to university.  After a while Zach's friends began to react to him at times and ask him if he was a monk or a priest.  He told them that truthfully he had every intention of becoming a priest.  In some cases, this ruined the friendship but he had many friends amongst whom this confession really 'broke the ice' and gave his friends a better way of coping with his odd behavior. 

He was able to move through that and went into seminary training.  It felt so natural to him there were moments when it was almost embarrassing for people.  How that could be, is hard or impossible to explain. 

It wasn't long after that when Father O'Malley was placed to a parish and he first met the Sheriff of Marion County.  They were instantly friends.  O'Malley is a platinum blonde, somewhat small compared to some - almost miniature compared to pro-football players.  The Sheriff is a large, strong African - American man with a rich brown skin tone and typical dark tight curly hair.  Always need with a broad smile and warm while strong disposition he was the son of loving parents.  His father was a military man and his mother had been a nurse part of her adult life.  He had not been a regular church goer until he met Father O'Malley.  They just made natural friends.  As everyone knows, that's actually powerful.

Months later, the priest first found himself pleading with the Sheriff to accept his assistance.  The Sheriff relented to the sincerity of his friend's request.  For the first time the Father helped the City of Indianapolis solve a crime.  He did not act alone, but was still startled that he had anything to do with it at all - other than praying in his office at home or comforting victims or the police. 

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