I didn’t know if this was going to be something I could enjoy, a mystery surrounding race horses. I know absolutely nothing about horse racing or horses in general other than the fact that they have four legs,
consume food, and it comes out the other end in large steaming piles. Fortunately
for me this novel was not a big steaming pile.

I was as shocked as anyone that I got a groove on this. I would say the reason was that Dean DeLuke ‘s descriptive ability and plotline drew me in. I became fascinated by a world I have not really known and enjoyed
learning something new through his eyes. The other part he was throwing in was
the medical jargon of his main character a surgeon, and the mindset that he
had. I became attached to Dr. Gianni, not to be confused with me the real G-man,
and it surprised me. This is a tale that involves a horse, a doctor, the mob,
horse racing and a complicated scheme, sounds about right. The bad guys are of
course extremely bad, not too bright, and very transparent. The good doctor and
the horse though, I wanted to know what was going on with them.

The action is good, the places Dean DeLuke takes in Shedrow are a bit different than the usual crime /suspense novels and his ability to make us feel like we are there is good. I enjoyed this debut novel. It was a
nice respite from the usual hardboiled detective novel that seems to come at us
all too often. I enjoyed Dean DeLuke’s passion for the horses and for racing;
it came through rather nicely and for me that was the crowning point of the
novel. I feel without that personal element, the plotline and the narrative
would have become flat and formulaic. Personally I was glad I gave it a shot.
Right now Dean DeLuke has two appearances scheduled and here is the website to
get more info:


1) Borders on Broadway, Saratoga Springs, August 27th 10 AM to noon.

2) The Open Door Bookstore, Jay St in Schenectady, NY, Sept 25th. He plans to tour later in the fall.

Also, the website has excerpts, reviews, a book trailer, contest offerings etc. at

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