Digital Short Saturday Carla René Zen in the Art Of Absurdity

Please before you come after me to explain how this fits into the category of digital shorts, it’s very simple. Carla Rene has put together a novel of short digital shorts that in total has a word count of
16,580 words. I am not going to go into each and every short she has. Instead I
am going to focus on one, the cute little diddy she put together that has the
childhood reading characters, Dick & Jane, and Jack & Jill in a race. I
like the originality and the moxie.

The digital short lends itself to so much. Zen is a prime example. Carla Rene has put together a quilt work of quirky, quick, quaint, quippish, quixotry, and quasi shorts. Tongue in cheek is what I meant to say and she does
it well. It is difficult not to smile and shake your head during the snippets
she has put together. The stories run the gambit and her imagination has gone
wild and run amuck. Be prepared to experience a jigsaw puzzle that is just not
put together just right, but works out for the best. I had fun with it and
changed the color and the font on each one so they had their own feel and style.

The digital short lends itself to such creativity. Zen In The Art Of Absurdity helps us to enjoy the freedom of the medium and the title also helps to add to my word count; gotta love it. Each week I am finding new
material and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The authors that are putting
out the material now and are trying to stretch the medium are blazing a new
trail that hopefully will not get tired and boring. With digital shorts like
this from Carla Zene it would be hard for them to be so. Are you intrigued,
have I piqued your interest? Then go to Smashwords and set up your own account,
it takes very little time, and then you can browse to your heart’s content. You
will find a world of new things there that run the gambit as far as genres. What
are you waiting for?

Carla René is a professional stand-up comedienne, tv/stage/film actress and published author, residing just outside of Nashville, with two cats who treat her as if she's the hired help. You’ve seen her comedy
skills on NBC sitcoms, at Zanies and comedy clubs all over the US, and The
Kennedy Centre in DC; her comedic essays and shorts have appeared on writing
web-sites, as well as With two new comedic essay collections
currently on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords, and several short-stores available
for download, she has just finished The Gaslight Journal, a historical fiction
novel that will be released in mid-November. You can reach her at: and

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