Flutes and Flambeauxs

What is this strange land
Of flutes and flambeauxs

Dancing in the streets
To musak with strange beats?

It is the collage
Of cultures mixed

With French, Spanish, Creole
And international flare.

Have you seen the Indians
Of this partying town?

Yes, they call themselves Indians.
Dressed in flamboyant costumes

With beads and feathers
And painted faces.

Playing flutes and horns
Of mixed, music blends.

Dancing wildly
In the streets

Of the town
They call Novelle Orleans.

Makes no difference
Black nor white

Just the sound
Of people playing

Musak, games
And full of fun

On a day
Called Fat Tuesday.

Flambeaux? “What is that,”
You ask?

When they party
Into the night

It is the flambeaux--
Torch bearers—
Who make the light.

Tis a party
Day and night

That they play
Til dawn’s next light…..

Happy Mardi Gras,
My friends!

Hope you live
To see it again…!

Copyright 2005
Roger C Bull

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