Frank Duffy to release “Between These Pages, These Places” with Trestle Press!

Here is what you can expect from this soon to be released work:

“Between These Pages, These Places”.

These are stories which live between the pages. These stories are places. These stories are people. These are only some of those stories.

The Silver Screens Of Her Mind – an old cinema shows a revival of old horror films which have a strange effect on the audience.

Little Red Pills – a woman awakes from a car-crash in a race against time to save her injured husband.

Broken Monsters – a man goes in search of his supposedly dead parents and finds a community of horrors.

A Greater Horror – an accountant for the Russian mafia goes to his school reunion to face the very real ghosts of his past.

Conditional Expectation – a man tries to overcome his fear of flying through hypnosis.

The Top Floor – a failed writer finds inspiration from the dead who just won’t stay dead.

These are the stories which live between the pages. These are the stories dark places. These stories are people. These are only some of those stories.

Frank Duffy is a British horror writer. He’s had over forty short stories published in both the U.K. and The States. His inspiration is the everyday world, the people who populate this strange shadowy landscape. He is often spotted on public transport closely observing the other passengers for signs of psychotic behavior. He has often been accused of voyeurism, but he claims it’s simply ‘research.’ He’s the author of a collection of short stories ‘The Signal Block and Other Stories’ (Sideshow Press) and a novelette ‘Mountains of Smoke’ (Sideshow Press). He lives and works in Warsaw, Poland with his much smarter (Associate Professor) wife, Ewa, who along with their two dogs, B and Mr. Mole, feed him a string of continuously ingenious ideas for stories. 

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