My name is S.W. Barger, and I’m fortunate to be featured on this week’s blog. I’m currently writing two series, and introducing the characters and plotlines in multiple media platforms. Jack Carlyle is a
Miami-based PI. A literate pugilist,
Jack faces the culturally shallow depths of the Central American Republic of
South Florida with partner Joe Rodriguez and a cast of quirky characters. There
are currently three Jack Carlyle shorts available for Kindle, iPad, Nook and
almost any other electronic format imaginable on Please see for details.
My breakthrough novel, Deep Vice, will be available for download by Labor Day.

Zoe Scarlatti is a Boston-based assassin with OC heritage and an attitude that fluctuates from bad to worse. Girls Night Out, a Zoe Scarlatti short story, is available now as well. An episodic cable television
series for both Jack and Zoe is currently in development.

Short bio follows, in the third person, as tribute to LeBron and Tiger, who have used the POV to such marvelous effect: S.W. Barger is a
former attorney, former business consultant, former a lot of things. His Jack
Carlyle and Zoe Scarlatti series are noted for their funny, character-driven
dialogue, multi-cultural cast, and wry social commentary. The author lives with
his wife and daughter in Miami and Caracas.

And because writers are readers too, my suggestions for the late-summer beach reading lists are as follows (new and classic):

Old school: The Chill by Ross Macdonald, A Ticket to the Boneyard by Lawrence Block, Small Vices by Robert B. Parker, The Lonely Silver Rain by John D. MacDonald

and in the new millennium: A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Must-listen podcasts: New Yorker Fiction Podcast, Slate Magazine Culture Gabfest, The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons (ESPN), Book TV’s After Words (C-SPAN)

Thanks for reading.SWB

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