Guest Post David N. Alderman author of the Black Earth Series

Book Review - Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee

For me, it’s hard to find compelling Christian fiction that can hold my interest. I became a fan of Tosca Lee when I met her about a year ago at a writer’s meeting and purchased a copy of Havah: The Story of Eve.
Havah opened my eyes to how beautifully Christian fiction could be written
without coming off preachy. In the same lines of Ted Dekker, Tosca knows how to
write compelling fiction that everyone will enjoy reading, filled with themes
of redemption and of good overcoming evil.

After purchasing Havah, Tosca Lee contacted me and told me she wanted to send me a copy of Demon: A Memoir, her other piece of Christian fiction. It took me about a year to get to it in my mountain of books to

…But boy was it worth it.

Demon: A Memoir follows Clay, a down and out editor at a small press who is approached by a demon named Lucian. Lucian tells Clay that he wants the man to listen to his story and write it all down because his story
is Clay’s story. Clay has no clue what this even means and doesn’t really want
anything to do with the demon at first, but he slowly becomes compelled to
chronicle the story of Satan’s fall from Heaven and grace, and Lucian’s part in

If Tosca knows how to do one thing well, it’s write speculative fiction in regards to Biblical history or spiritual elements. She does this well in writing Demon, especially with the way she chronicles the
familiar story of how pride caused Satan to rebel and take a third of Heaven’s
elite with him. As with Havah, Tosca Lee’s poetic writing style is weaved
through the book, giving beautiful prose to a wholly entertaining adventure.

This story kept me captivated until the very end and I happily give it five stars and recommend it to anyone, regardless if you read spiritual fiction or not.

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