KBL: Kill Bin Laden: A Novel Based on True Events John Weisman

Reading a book you already know the ending of before you start I think lends to a bit of trepidation. I had a little bit. I mean I have read other novels by the author, enjoyed his style, enjoyed the substance, have had many good experiences so why not right?

I have to say he nails this, from the first page to the last, he struck every chord, hit every note, and made a recount of events seem as real and visceral as if I was there, watching it all unfold in my face. The tales of heroism in this novel are just amazing. The lengths gone to carry this off are off the charts. I would recommend this to read to anyone; it is that good, the storytelling is that strong, the words chosen intense, and the action and tension ramped to a level that will challenge any reader not to be separated from this read. No matter what the percentage of truth is in this fictional telling of real events, even if one percent of it is true, the men and women that participated in any of these events from the beginning to the end need to not just commended, but each given a special place in each of our hearts as true patriots for their many sacrifices. I was a big fan of this author already, but John Weisman takes things to a new level; get this in your hands, take the journey. It is well worth it.

Here is the synopsis:

“The acclaimed #1 New York Times bestselling military thriller writer and coauthor of the bestselling Rogue Warrior series goes beyond the headlines and worldwide speculation in this pulse-pounding fictional account of the breathtaking hunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist, Usama Bin Laden


Some truths are better told in fiction. In this riveting novel drawn from actual events and based on real-life heroes whose identities remain classified—including soldiers, sailors, intelligence operatives, technocrats, analysts, and policymakers—John Weisman fills in the blanks of what may have happened during the hunt and capture of Usama Bin Laden.

Moving from the political battlefields of Washington, D.C., and the secure, seventh-floor suite of the CIA director in Langley, Virginia, to the dusty streets of Peshawar, Lahore, and Abbottabad, Pakistan, to the rough Afghan interior, to the Middle East and western Europe, this fictional narrative brings to life the drama behind SEAL Team 6’s breathtaking raid in which Bin Laden—a.k.a. Crankshaft, a.k.a. al Mas (the Diamond), the ghost, the wraith, the grail for counterterrorists for more than a decade—met his fate.”

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